Our webshop has changed!

Due to ridiculous price increases from our old host (Prices doubled and even quadrupled),
we had to build a new site very fast!
We hope all links were properly, but if you notice something, plelase let uw know so we can correct it!
In the meantime most of our products are also available on the German Ebay.
As you can see we do everything to avoid prices increases to our customers!

Watch our movie Mexican Yuccas in their habitat! Take your time, it is over 1 hour long!

  • DVD Samburu, Kenya

    DVD made in Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Park in Kenya.
    Spoken language is English, subtitles in German and Dutch. Length: 55 min.

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  • Photobook Amboseli, Kenya

    Photobook with beautiful pictures of the animals and birds from Amboseli National Park, Kenya.
    Plus some backgrond info of the park.
    133 Pages, hardcover.

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  • Latest book

    Balinese woodcarvings: never before was there a book where mythology statues, gods and figures not only getting the right name, but you can also read about the history of woodcarving.

    Available via this link